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Big Data Science Analytics

Your team will select a big data analytics project that is introduced to an organization of your choice … please address the following items:

(a) Provide a background of the company chosen.

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Big Data Science Analytics
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(b) Determine the problems or opportunities that that this project will solve. What is the value of the project?

(c) Describe the impact of the problem. In other words, is the organization suffering financial losses? Are there opportunities that are not exploited?

(d) Provide a clear description regarding the metrics your team will use to measure performance. Please include a discussion pertaining to the key performance indicators (KPIs).

(e) Recommend a big data tool that will help you solve your problem or exploit the opportunity, such as Hadoop, Cloudera, MongoDB, or Hive.

(f) Evaluate the data requirements. Here are questions to consider: What type of data is needed? Where can you find the data? How can the data be collected? How can you verify the integrity of the data?

(g) Discuss the gaps that you will need to bridge. Will you need help from vendors to do this work? Is it necessary to secure the services of other subject matter experts (SMEs)?

(h) What type of project management approach will you use this initiative? Agile? Waterfall? Hybrid? Please provide a justification for the selected approach.

(i) Provide a summary and conclusion.

(j) Your written paper must have at least 10 reputable sources and 10-to-15-pages.

(k) Please write the paper in APA Style.

Provide an outline of the work to be performed. You can submit in MS Word or PPT. Please make sure to include company name, background, and how the work will be divided with the names of team members. You may start on the written paper.

Written Paper: The requirements for the written paper are provided above. Please note that each team member must have a deliverable. Please ensure that you avoid any plagiarism issues. Include name of team member and Student ID for the section they completed.

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