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AUV System Selection

4.5 AUV System Selection

For this assignment, you will research and evaluate an autonomous underwater vehicle to complete all the tasks in the RoboSub Competition (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the RoboSub 2019 Mission and Scoring (Links to an external site.) document (Attached). Use the criteria found in the RoboSub Mission and Scoring section and the results from previous years’ competitions (see the Past Teams section) to answer the following questions:
Describe the type of AUV design (watch videos from previous competitions and analyze previous design entries, and any new design technology not previously used) that you feel would be best for completing the overall mission of the competition, and why.
Select a winning team from any of the previous competitions and describe why you feel their autonomous design won the competition. What did they do right as a design team, and what element of their sub do you feel was the most impressive and beneficial from an autonomous operation, and why?
There are competition requirements to grab and release objects. Describe the range of motion of actuators and mobile component as they relate to the environment (configuration space to free space) of the competition tasks.
RoboSub competition page (Links to an external site.)

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AUV System Selection
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RoboSub 2019 Mission and Scoring

Examine the Research Activities Rubric to identify the qualities of an effective research paper. The paper must be a minimum of one page, but no more than two pages in length (full pages of text), excluding the title and reference pages or images (images, if used, should be placed in an appendix and do not count toward the paper length). Current APA rules apply.

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