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assignment 6/27


This assignment emphasizes the information in Chapter 4 of your textbook but also draws on elements from Chapters 5 & 6 and comes in two parts.  As the owner of a small local ice cream manufacturing facility, you are convinced that your brand has something special that could make it into a national brand if you can figure out how to do it.

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assignment 6/27
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Part I.  After reading the chapters in your textbook, your first task to to read the attached document on Strategic Planning that your instructors developed as supplemental material for this assignment.  It will both clarify and emphasize materials that will help with the second part of this assignment.

Part II.  Your task  is to develop a vision statement, a mission statement, and to describe a workable strategic plan for your company today with goals and milestones along the way for the next 10 years when your local brand will be a national brand.  Finally, students are to describe the relationship between their strategic, tactical and operational planning as their company is today.

For Clarity:

Does it contain:

  1. Vision statement
  2. Mission statement
  3. Brief summary of your company
  4. Corporate-level strategies
  5. Functional-level strategies
  6. A ten-year plan

You can find a brief explanation of these items in Exhibit 4-5 on page 133 (DuBrin).

Limit your work to two pages of text but use APA citations and references to show that your plan is more than just an opinion.  References and citations show me that you researched your ideas and have solid support for your ideas from experts on business planning.

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