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Article writing homework help

For today’s discussion post, write a one-sentence reading of A Better Life, following the Literary Analysis template below:

Literary Analysis template:

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Article writing homework help
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  • In [title of work], about [POV-person] [description of POV-person] who [rising action] until [climax/point-of-no-return], [author or director] suggests that [main idea] since [reason A] and [reason B].

Note: POV-person means the person whose perspective the story is told from.

Sample Literary Analysis:

In “Alienable” about a young woman in her 20s who has recently ended a two-year relationship and is trying to console with her friend, Jay, until she realizes people are shielding themselves from the sun like they do not know it is not raining, Yuko Sakata suggests that in relationships it, at times, can be difficult to connect with the other person since people often have differing desires and can change in ways that become incompatible with each other.

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