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A Reflection of the 2010 Haiti earthquake

A Reflection of the 2010 Haiti earthquake

1.  Introduction

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A Reflection of the 2010 Haiti earthquake
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a.  Introduction Statement

ü  The Haiti earthquake of moment magnitude 7.0Mw which occurred in 2010 at 16:53 local time affected an estimate of three million people (Calais et al. 2010). The exact numbers of deaths due to the earthquake are not exact but they are estimated to be from two hundred and twenty thousand to three hundred and sixteen thousand casualties (Margesson & Taft-Morales 2010). With an estimated property that included two hundred and fifty thousand residences and thirty thousand commercial buildings, the damage was so catastrophic.

b.  Thesis statement

ü  The 2010 Haiti earthquake killed so many people but due to the government’s ignorance, so many more lives were further lost. The government abandoned search and rescue for survivors after the earthquake.

2.  Main body

a)  First supporting idea

Ø  Topic sentence –The government had a huge role in the deaths of its citizens.

Ø  Supporting evidence- As a nation, Haiti had so many national debts and also had prejudicial trade policies with other countries and this plunged them deeper into poverty. The country had poor citizens with poor housing conditions that could not withstand the earthquake.

b)  Second supporting idea

Ø  Topic sentence – Poor communication and transport means in the country is devastating and dangerous.

Ø  Supporting evidence- Despite the financial aid the country received, not all casualties were reached. Communication systems, transport facilities, electricity networks, and hospitals had been damaged due to poor construction and rescue and aid support could not reach the affected. There was confusion all over the country with no singular means of communication.

c)  Third supporting idea

Ø  Topic sentence – Moving on comes at a cost which is not always the best choice.

Ø   Supporting evidence- After the earthquake, rescue and aid personnel were much occupied attending to the sick, burying tens of thousands of bodies in mass graves, handing out supplies, and sanitizing. Poor transport means the few supplies on the ground were looted by angry survivors and there was violence. To ensure the country moved on, the Haitian government called off the search for survivors ten days later.

3.  Conclusion.
The Haiti earthquake was a major catastrophe that illustrated how the level of ignorance of a given government can cause to its citizens. Ignorant governments are a huge cause of poor citizens in the nation who cannot defend themselves from natural disasters in case it occurs.


Calais, E., Freed, A., Mattioli, G., Amelung, F., Jónsson, S., Jansma, P., … & Momplaisir, R. (2010). Transpressional rupture of an unmapped fault during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Nature Geoscience3(11), 794-799.

Margesson, R., & Taft-Morales, M. (2010, February). Haiti earthquake: Crisis and response. Library of Congress Washington DC Congressional Research Service.

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